Specific Physiotherapy assessment for riders can help iron out many issues you may be having with your ridden performance. Looking at symmetry, balance, joint movement and muscle strength we can develop a comprehensive plan to improve your connection with your horse.

The Competitive Rider

Small changes can make a big difference in competition. Rider assessment can pick up on small imbalances which could make a difference to your training and performance standards.

The Injured Rider

Physiotherapy can help you with day to day injuries as well as riding related ones. Supporting you to return from injury in a safe way to get you back to riding fitness.

The Pleasure Rider

If you enjoy riding your horse for fun and aren’t in it for the competition, Physiotherapy can still help. Balancing you up to make things a little easier for you and your horse. Working on easing up tight hips or back can make your rides more enjoyable too.